MWL Newsletter No 98

Here are posts, articles and news about Modern Workplace Learning (MWL) selected by Jane Hart for the week 6-12 January 2019.

From around the Web

AI breakthroughs in learning in 2018  Donald Clark, 6 January 2019

“using specific techniques at specific points on the learning journey – engagement, support, delivery and assessment, one can leverage AI to best effect. So here’s five ways this was done in 2018, in real projects, in real organisations, some winning major awards.”

Digital Proficiency: Literacy, Fluency & Mastery  Brad Grissom, CMS Wire, 9 January 2019

“Digital proficiency is the measure of capacity to use digital technologies to one’s benefit. This description lends itself to looking at digital proficiency as a spectrum. On this spectrum, like in language, literacy is the initial level. Next comes fluency, and then mastery.”

From the MWL Magazine

Modern Workplace Learning 2019 now available as a PDF 

Jane Hart, 7 January 2019

The paperback version of Modern Workplace Learning 2019 (written by Jane Hart) was published on 4 January 2019.

Modern Workplace Learning 2019 aggregates and updates content from previous MWL books with an added focus on continuous improvement, learning and development.

From the Modern Workplace Learning 2019 Online Resource

L&D priorities in 2019

How much time do you currently spend on the following activities, and where would you like your priorities in 2019 to lie? Complete the form and once you have submitted your own data you will be able see the results so far.

A Professional’s Guide to Modern Learning

Intermittent training or studying is no longer enough, every professional needs to be taking charge of their own continuous self-improvement and self-development. The newly updated online resource,

A Professional’s Guide to Modern Learning, contains 50 Tasks to help anyone develop a daily modern learning habit and take advantage of the many different ways of learning now on offer.

Find out more here.

Next MWL Workshop

Promoting continuous learning in the workplace

Online Workshop runs 14 January – 23 February 2019

Continuous learning and development in the workplace doesn’t mean providing continuous training. Whilst it is up to everyone to become a lifelong learner and keep up to date with what’s happening in their industry or profession to remain employable, it’s also up to L&D departments to help individuals become continuous learners. In this 6-week workshop we will look at how you can help and support individuals to become independent continuous learners and provide continuous learning opportunities..

Jane Hart
Centre for Modern Workplace Learning

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