MWL Newsletter No 47

Here are posts, articles and news about Modern Workplace Learning (MWL) selected by Jane Hart for the week 7-13 January 2018

From around the Web

The Cognitive Employee: How To Build A Workforce That Drives Itself  Meghan M Biro, Forbes, 8 January 2018

“But let’s make sure we are really factoring in the talent, and what it needs to fulfill our expectations and align with business goals. That means encourage the workforce to own and develop their skills. Give them the data and the knowledge theyneed to make decisions and grow their abilities and sense of context. Let them truly own their success. For as long as you can, let them drive.”

Leaders who create the future Tanmay Vora, 9 January 2018

4 Ways To Help Employees Find Meaning At Work  Stephanie Vozza, Fast Company, 9 January 2018

Personal and career development opportunities are another way to help employees find more meaning at work. To remain sharp, people need to take on new responsibilities and learn and apply new skills, says Donoghue. “It’s so critical for managers to make training and development resources continuously available to employees,” he says. “Everyone should become a lifelong learner to develop and grow new skills and competencies.””

The best leaders are great teachers  Sydney Finkelstein, Harvard Business Review, Jan-Feb 2018

“the exceptional leaders I studied were teachers through and through. They routinely spent time in the trenches with employees, passing on technical skills, general tactics, business principles, and life lessons. Their teaching was informal and organic, flowing out of the tasks at hand. And it had an unmistakable impact: Their teams and organizations were some of the highest-performing in their sectors.”

Workforce of the future: the competing forces shaping 2030  PWC

“So what should we tell our children? That to stay ahead, you need to focus on your ability to continuously adapt, engage with others in that process, and most importantly retain your core sense of identity and values. For students, it’s not just about acquiring knowledge, but about how to learn. For the rest of us, we should remember that intellectual complacency is not our friend and that learning – not just new things but new ways of thinking – is a life-long endeavour.”

New MWL 2018 Series of eBooks

A new series of 3 e-books is available to download. These e-books include some (updated) content from Jane Hart’s previous books as well as new material. 

Part 1: An Introduction to Modern Workplace Learning in 2018)  is FREE.

Part 2: Designing, Delivering and Managing Modern Training for the Workplace and Part 3: Supporting Independent Continuous Learning at Work can be purchased separately or collectively as Modern Workplace Leanring 2018 

Find out more about the MWL 2018 Series here.

Next MWL Workshop

Supporting Continous Independent Learning in the Workplace

Next public workshop runs: 15 January – 2 March 2018

In the modern workplace it is no longer enough for L&D to just organise and manage modern learning experiences, they also need to enable and support continuous independent learning. In this 7-week online workshop we look at how to help managers and individuals adopt a modern professional learning mindset as well as empower individuals to take responsibility for their own continuous self-improvement (in their existing job) and self-development (to prepare for the future). (Includes free copy of Part 3 of the MWL 2018 Series  – see above)

How to Become a Modern Professional Learner

In the modern workplace there is no longer such a thing as a job for a life – only a life of jobs – so it’s up to everyone to continuously update their knowledge, skills and productivity and become an independent modern professional learner. This resource (written by Jane Hart) contains 100 short Tasks (based around the 10 Principles of Modern Professional Learning) to help you get the most out of your work life and take control of your career.

Find out more about this resource here

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