MWL Series 2018

From January 2018, the 3 (PDF) e-books – written by Jane Hart to accompany the MWL Workshops – will be available separately or collectively from LuluPress. These e-books include some (updated) content from Jane’s previous books as well as new material. Email me when the series is ready.

1 – Introduction to Modern Workplace Learning in 2018

1: A short history of workplace learning
2: The emergence of Modern Professional Learners
3: Modern Workplace Learning

22 pages

2 – Designing, Delivering and Managing Modern Training for the Workplace


  1. Why we need to modernise training: (what’s wrong with current training practices, overview of how can we address these issues,what modernising workplace learning means)


  1. A modern classroom experience – flipping the classroom, offering a technology-friendly classroom and running different types of classroom events
  2. Designing modern content – principles of modern content design, content formats and tools, content curation and employee generated content
  3. Modern experiential learning – understanding experiential learning, simulated training experiences, immersive experiences (VR, AR and MR)
  4. Modern social learning – understanding social learning, lessons learned from formal social learning, guided social learning experiences, live online chats, in-person networking events.
  5. Modern blended learning – learning campaigns, pros and cons of gamification


  1. Modern learning and performance design – issues with the traditional design process, 3 new approaches: performance consulting, action mapping, design thinking
  2. Modern assessment and evaluation – issues with traditional assessment and evaluation, a modern assessment approach, designing performance assessments.
  3. Modern learning management – looking beyond the LMS, thinking differently about learning management
  4. Modern learning support – supporting groups, supporting individuals, the future of learning support: chatbots and AI

SUMMARY: 12 guiding principles for design and delivery of modern training

c 100 pages (also includes Part 1 of the series)

FREE to participants on this workshop where you will be able to share your thoughts and experiences with others.

3 – Supporting Continuous Independent Learning in the Workplace

1: The role of the Modern Learning Advisor

2: Changing mindsets: preparing the organisation

3: Helping managers enable continuous independent learning
4: Helping individuals learn from their daily work
5: Helping individuals learn outside the workplace

6: Helping individuals build a professional network

7: Helping individuals manage their professional self-development


8: Provide ongoing advice and support
9: Promote sharing in teams
10: Promote sharing across the organisation

c.100 pages (also includes Part 1 of the series)

to participants on this workshop where you will be able to share your thoughts and experiences with others

Modern Workplace Learning 2018 

All 3 parts of the MWL series (c.200 pages)

  • in one PDF e-book:  £17.99
  • as a paperback: £19.99 (plus P&P)