MWL Newsletter No 57

Here are posts, articles and news about Modern Workplace Learning (MWL) selected by Jane Hart for the week 18-24 March 2018

From around the Web

What is a job?  Joshua Spodek, Inc, 18 March 2018

Jobs aren’t what they used to be and holding on to the old idea will hold you back

How leaders face the future of work  Lynda Gratton, MIT Sloan Management Review, 19 March 2018

“… the second way that leaders prepare for the future of work is to have a point of view about learning. They can do this by actively championing the learning agenda, by making their involvement in learning initiatives a priority, and by role-modeling adult learning through their own development activities.”

How Blended Learning Today Is Different In A Hyperconnected World  David James

“With access to the world’s information, industry experts, and instant connection to professionals inside our organisations and around the world, learning can happen continuously, on-demand and in the moments that are most important to us. For these reasons, it’s important to reframe what blended learning today means. No longer does it mean supplementing formal learning events with additional materials, before and after a programme. The whole thing has been flipped and our role, as L&D and the purveyors of formal learning, has become supplementary. So how do we refocus? And how do we add value when our interventions are now periphery experiences in the context of employee development and performance?”

Learning the ropes working at AirBnB later in life  Forbes, 23 March 2018

Chip Conley, a modern elder at Airbnb, on feeling like a mentor and an intern and why intergenerational learning at work is so important.

The fallacy of the social workplace  JD Dillon, LearnGeek, 24 March 2018

“Think about your own work behaviors. How much time and effort do you spend sharing your knowledge? Assuming you’re an L&D pro, this is what you do for a living, and even you don’t behave this way. Everyone is over-burdened and under-resourced. There’s only so much time in the day to finish your giant list of tasks. For frontline employees who have little to no control over how they spend their time at work, sharing is even more difficult. Face it – if sharing your knowledge isn’t specifically part of your job, you are unlikely to do it consistently”

In the MWL Magazine

Modern Workplace Learning is a collaboration between L&D, managers and individuals  Jane Hart, 20 March 2018

Although many modern professionals recognise they are constantly learning from a multitude of sources as a natural way of life, there are others who think that workplace learning is all about being trained. So, when it comes to learning in the modern workplace, the first step will involve helping both managers and employees acquire a new mindset about what this means in practice – and how the learning function can help them.

Next MWL Workshop

Supporting Learning from Daily Work

Next public workshop runs: 16 April – 11 May 2018

In the modern workplace it is no longer enough for L&D to just organise and manage modern training, they also need to enable and support constant learning at work. In this 4-week online workshop we look at how to help managers and individuals get the most out of and learn from their daily working (and learning) experiences.

Modern Workplace Learning 2018

This new book includes some (updated) content from Jane Hart’s previous books as well as new material. 

Part 1: An Introduction to Modern Workplace Learning in 2018)
Part 2: Designing, Delivering and Managing Modern Training for the Workplace
Part 3: Supporting Independent Continuous Learning at Work 

Available as a PDF to download.

Find out more about the Modern Workplace Learning 2018 here.

How to Become a Modern Professional Learner

Suitable for you and your people.

In the modern workplace there is no longer such a thing as a job for a life – only a life of jobs – so it’s up to everyone to continuously update their knowledge, skills and productivity and become an independent modern professional learner. This resource contains 100 short Tasks to help you get the most out of your work life and take control of your career.

Find out more about this resource here

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