MWL Newsletter No 25

News and articles about Modern Workplace Learning (MWL) selected by Jane Hart for the week 30 July – 5 August 2017

Article of the Week

Analytics Training Isn’t Enough to Create a Data-Driven Workforce  HBR, 3 August 2017

“When it comes to creating a more data-and-analytics-driven workforce, many companies make the mistake of conflating analytics training with data adoption. While training is indeed critical, having an adoption plan in place is even more essential. Any good adoption plan should focus on continual learning. This might include online or recorded refresher sessions; mentors; online resources for questions, feedback, and new ideas; or a certification process. It might even mean rethinking your organization’s structure or core technologies. Based on my experience, here are three ways leaders can shift a company culture from a one-and-done focus on “training” employees in analytics to an “always on” focus on analytics adoption.”

From around the Web

Skill, re-skill and re-skill again. How to keep up with the future of work  World Economic Forum, 31 July 2017

Here’s the problem in a nutshell: the job opportunities that are available today are 21st-century jobs. But the way most people perform these jobs is still stuck in the previous century. As is the way our society is training and educating people.

Hone Your Data Bullshit Detector With This Free Online Course  Fast CoDesign, 2 August 2017

Earlier this year, two professors from the University of Washington released the Bullshit Syllabus, a guide to avoiding bullshit when it comes to the use of data in technology and science. Now, after turning the syllabus into a one-credit lecture class during the spring, the professors Carl T. Bergstrom and Jevin West have posted the lectures on YouTube so anyone can improve their data bullshit detector for free.

Six HR archetypes driving digital change  HR Zone, 12 July 2017

“We were able to identify a spectrum of roles played by HR – six archetypes – existing on a continuum. At one end, HR is trapped in a conventional role where its contribution is reactive and tactical. At the other end, HR is truly a force for change, an activist driving the agenda.”

From the MWL Magazine

Here’s more about the work of a Modern Learning Advisor  1 August 2017 

In my previous article, I put the case for the new role of a Modern Learning Advisor. In this article I talk more about what the work entails.

The work of the Modern Learning Advisor falls into 3 stages, although  in some organizations (depending on their readiness) he/she will not necessarily need to go through all stages.

6th Annual Learning in the Workplace Survey

The survey is now in its 6th year, and this year we have updated the questions. This year we ask you to rate 12 different ways you learn at, for and through work. Once you submit your own data, you will be able to view the results submitted so far (from well over 5,000 people worldwide).  Take the survey here.

MWL Workshop

Supporting independent continuous learning 

4 September – 6 October 2017

In this 5-week online workshop we look at how to help managers and individuals adopt a modern professional learning mindset as well as empower individuals to take responsibility for their own continuous self-improvement (in their existing job) and self-development (to prepare for the future),

30 Day Learning Challenges

Suitable for you and/or your people. Available for immediate sign up

Manage your own self-development
This Challenge will help you develop the habit of organising and managing your own self-development. Over the 30 days it will take you through the process of setting your own professional goals, identifying the most appropriate ways to achieve those goals (and not just by taking courses or programs!), recording your own progress and evidencing your achievements.

Get the most out of your daily work

This Challenge will help you get the most out of your day job so that you can benefit from your everyday work activities. Over the 30 days it will consider a number of different aspects of your daily work which includes addressing your own performance problems, as well as working with your manager, your team and other colleagues

Learn something new every day

This Challenge will help you build a habit of learning something new every day. Over the 30 days it will expose you to a variety of free sources and resources where you can learn something new everyday. Your goal in this Challenge is to find a number of useful sources that will inspire you to continue to learn something new after the Challenge ends.

Jane Hart
Director, Centre for Modern Workplace Learning

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