MWL Newsletter No 22

News and articles about Modern Workplace Learning (MWL) selected by Jane Hart for the week 9-15 July 2017

Article of the Week

Like It Or Not, Employee Branding is The Way Forward For Organizations Aniisu K Verghese, 9 July 2017

“Wondering why organizations find it hard to engage employees? Unclear why communication directed at employees doesn’t get the attention it deserves? Confounded by how employees continue to distrust organizations? The answer can potentially lie in how organizations view employer vs employee branding.”

From around the Web

Make time for real learning and development  Gaby Fisch, 10 July 2017

“I believe that prioritising employee learning, growth and development is the biggest opportunity for the social impact sector to tip the scale and win over top talent … I am not referring to implementing a sophisticated Learning and Development framework and curriculum. You need to make actual learning and development (lower-case) a central feature in day-to-day operations, and explicitly call out informal “on-the job” learning.”

New evidence that ‘gamification’ does NOT work  Donald Clark, 11 July 2017

“Gamification is touted as new and a game changer.  Full of hyperbolic claims about its efficacy, it’s not short of hyperbolic claims about increasing learning. Well it’s not so new, games have been used in learning forever, from the very earleist days of computer based learning, but that’s often the way with fads, people think they’re doing ground-breaking work, when it’s been around for eons.”

What You Can Do to Prepare the Next Generation of HR Leaders  Rita Trihan, 14 July 2017

“One of our greatest assets in the field of human resources is our next generation of thought leaders. As we undergo significant changes in our industry and prepare for a new world of work in the information age, there is no better time to start focusing on how we lead the next generation through these uncertain times.”

Building a Learning Culture in a Social Services Organization  Nina Choudhary, Latavia Lee and Jill Lefkowitz, 14 July 2017

“At Graham Windham, a New York City-based child welfare agency, we have been developing a learning culture over time, an investment in improving our outcomes for children and families, while ensuring that we are able to adapt and innovate in the dynamic, evolving field of child welfare. One of Graham’s core pillars is that we grow: We are committed to continuous self-reflection and best practices, with opportunities to develop, practice and master skills with supports along the way.”

There are no learners.  Nick Shackleton-Jones, 15 July 2017

“There are no learners because there are no ‘breathers’ – that is to say we all learn and breathe, but we don’t talk about people as ‘breathers’ and we shouldn’t talk about people as ‘learners’ for the same reason.”

From the MWL Magazine

Who supports non-designed learning experiences?  Jane Hart, 3 July 2017

Most L&D efforts are focused on designed learning experiences. Instructional designers and content developers design and develop these experiences, trainers/facilitators help to deliver them, and others (try to) manage them in their learning platforms or LMS. But who supports the non-designed learning experiences? They clearly don’t need to be designed or developed. Nor do they need to be managed in a learning platform or LMS.  They simply need to be encouraged and enabled.

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