Creating a Culture of Collaboration Through Effective Office Design

As the space in which most employees spend the majority of their week, the working environment is of unparalleled importance when it comes to maximising productivity and positivity. The relationship between workplace and worker can have a direct impact on the work they produce – so it pays to think about the design of your office.

In today’s post, the motivational experts from Novell Coffee are talking you through ways your office design can directly contribute to company success – bringing you one step closer to creating a culture of collaboration.

Light, collaboration, action

When it comes to maximising employee potential, lighting is everything. Where possible, allow daylight to flood your office – as natural lighting will encourage productivity and help staff stay alert. In terms of interior design, think about creating a feature wall that inspires positivity and acts as a visual energy source to keep your team stimulated throughout the working day.

A hub of social activity

Creating a space which is specifically designed for your employees to enjoy some down time will give them the opportunity to move away from their desks and stretch their legs. Whether it’s sofas in the meeting room or a pool table in the corner of the office, creating a space where your employees can socialise or just enjoy a timeout during their breaks will help them refuel and refocus when it comes to going back to their work station.

Success in numbers

In terms of office design, providing spaces that work for different projects is crucial. While some employees will benefit from working autonomously, others will need a shared workspace in order to collaborate on the same project. From multipurpose desks to private meeting rooms, make sure your office has space for both lone workers and those who need to manage projects together.

Embrace individuality

Encouraging individuality in the workplace is a great way to keep staff motivated and allow for their voices to be heard. Whether it’s a personalised work desk, a creatively designed office wall or saying goodbye to an official uniform, allowing your employees to have some say over the office’s design and the way they operate will make them all the more likely to enjoy their time at work and stay motivated.

Food, glorious food

Google’s New York campus is employs the “150 foot from food” rule, which sees that employees are never more than a certain distance from a food establishment. Of course, it might not be feasible for every office space, but the basic rule applies.

Ensuring shared eating areas like micro-kitchens and cafeterias are close by means that your staff are never far away from their next refreshment – and this will help them stay alert and focused, as well as providing an opportunity to move away from their computer screens.

The key to creating a culture of collaboration is nurturing connections, embracing individuality and encouraging openness – and office design can play a key role in this. After all, happy workers are productive workers, and productive workers will help your business thrive.

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Phil White is Managing Director at Novell Coffee - bringing Nespresso compatible capsules to coffee lovers across the UK and beyond.