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About Maureen Gwam

Maureen Gwam works as a principal consultant at Social Learning Associates helping organisations implement social learning strategically. Maureen is passionate about working with organisations to co-create learning and learning strategy from an understanding of how the organisational context and the actual, imagined, or implied presence of “others” within the organisation impacts on learning, culture and behavior change. Maureen has worked in communication and as a Learning and Development Consultant across a variety of sectors and last served as a subject matter expert in Social and Collaborative Learning within GlaxoSmithKline. Maureen holds an MSc in Social Psychology.

Social Media as an “Other” in Social Learning

The first time Siri told me that she was not just my best friend but my BFF (best friend for life) I found myself bemused. Firstly, by Siri’s emphatic confident response, then by the notion of Siri as my highly esteemed confidant until a chance encounter with an intern forced me to reimagine what social […]