MWL Newsletter No 91

Here are posts, articles and news about Modern Workplace Learning (MWL) selected by Jane Hart for the week 11-17 November 2018.

From around the Web

Using Digital Communication to Drive Digital Change  Patti Sanchez, 6 November 2018

“Leaders trying to get their organizations to adopt new technologies or new ways of thinking tend to kick things off with big, inspirational speeches. “When we’re finished,” they like to say, “we’re going to be the Apple of [insert niche industry here]!” This gets everyone fired up about the change. And then … silence. … What if, rather than going quiet after kickoff, leaders model the behaviors they want to see by using digital tools to deliver a steady stream of messages to their employees and continually gather and respond to their feedback? It sounds quite basic — and really, it is.”

L&D is Primed to Drive Enterprise Social, So Why Aren’t They?  Mark Britz, 17 November 2018

“L&D is primed. If they don’t take the reins someone will, someone less understanding of the psychology and sociology of learning. At best you’ll be making more meaningful training because social interaction will solve many problems before training is requested. At worst, these powerfully connecting tools will be used to just hear from the CEO once in a while, share birthday wishes, vacation pictures and time off notifications. What a waste.”

Modern Workplace Learning 2018: A Framework for Continuous Improvement, Learning & Development

An extract from Jane Hart’s latest edition of the MWL book 

A seamless working and learning environment

At the heart of a seamless working and learning environment is your organisation’s social collaboration platform. It means that your thinking about “learning” is not constrained by a dedicated learning platform that perpetuates the traditional course approach. In other words, using a collaboration platform lets you think differently not just about what you do but how you measure the success of your learning initiatives. That is, it helps to think in terms of performance outcomes – i.e. what individuals need to be able to do as a result – rather than on learning outcomes or course completions.

Next MWL Workshop

Promoting continuous learning in the workplace

Online Workshop runs 14 January – 23 February 2019

Continuous learning and development in the workplace doesn’t mean providing continuous training. Whilst it is up to everyone to become a lifelong learner and keep up to date with what’s happening in their industry or profession to remain employable, it’s also up to L&D departments to help individuals become continuous learners. In this 6-week workshop we will look at how you can help and support individuals to become independent continuous learners and provide continuous learning opportunities..

Jane Hart
Centre for Modern Workplace Learning

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