MWL Newsletter No 84

Here are posts, articles and news about Modern Workplace Learning (MWL) selected by Jane Hart for the week 23-29 September 2018.

Top Tools for Learning 2018

The Top 200 Tools for Learning 2018 list was published on 24 September, and made available as an interactive table which also shows each tool’s presence on 3 sub-lists (Top 100 Tools for Personal & Professional Learning 2018, Top 100 Tools for Workplace Learning 2018, and Top 100 Tools for Education 2018), how they fit into 30 defined categories of tools, as well as their change in position since 2017. There are also interactive infographics of the lists to download.

From around the Web

Learning is an internal process   Donald Taylor, 21 September 2018

“My aim is rather to emphasise that learning is internal. It is a process that happens inside people. Almost always it follows a stimulus, or stimuli, which may be external or internal, and may take place all at once, or over a protracted period.”

Continuous learning for collaboration  Harold Jarche, 25 September 2018

“One of the primary reasons to promote learning at work is because it is directly linked to innovation … Insights lead to innovation, which is not so much about having ideas as it is about connecting and nurturing ideas. When we remove artificial boundaries, we enable innovation. In complex situations, where various people are working on similar problems, it is important to know who has done what. The challenge for distributed teams and organizations is to find ways of understanding what is happening throughout the system and ensuring it is communicated within the network.”

Enough about agile firms – we need agile people  Jan Bruce, Forbes, 25 September 2018

“Agile is the buzzword of the moment. Every day we read about the necessity of developing agile organizations—but shouldn’t we be talking about agile people?”

In the MWL Magazine

10 Trends for Digital Learning in 2018  Jane Hart, 24 September 2018

At first glance you might think there is very little difference in the list from last year (as the usual suspects loom large in it) but there have in fact been some significant movements as well 29 new entrants. The list is a mix of the old and the new – however, a number of identifiable trends are visible for both personal, professional and workplace learning.

Next MWL Workshop

Supporting learning from the daily work

Online Workshop runs 22 October – 2 December 2018

Although L&D departments have focused on training people to do their jobs, research tells us that most of what employees learn at work happens as they do their job – it’s just that they are not aware of it or make the most of it. And, when team members work together closely, share reflections and resources on a regular basis, they continuously learn from each other. This, in fact, is where the real social learning takes place. So, in this 6-week online workshop we look at how to work with managers and individuals so that they get the most out of – and learn from – their daily working experiences as well as how you can help to build and support a knowledge sharing culture in teams as well as across the organisation.

Continuous Improvement, Learning and Development

A new book for Modern Workplace Learning professionals

Continuous Learning is vital – everyone says so – but what does it mean for organisations? it’s not just about providing continuous training or making employees study continuously; it’s more about helping them establish a regular habit of learning. In this new online resource we look at how to help individuals become independent continuous learners, how to provide a flow of continuous learning opportunities – which includes modern training – and how to help them learn continuously from their daily work.

Find out more here how to gain early access to the online resource (and the PDF when it becomes available).

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