MWL Newsletter No 78

Here are posts, articles and news about Modern Workplace Learning (MWL) selected by Jane Hart for the week 12-18 August 2018.

From around the Web

AI now plays a major recommendation role in L&D – resistance is futile  Donald Clark, 11 August 2018

“In learning, recommendation engines can also be used to recommend routes through courses, even recommend learning strategies. They promise to increase the efficacy of online delivery through personalised learning, each learning experience being unique to each learner, drawing on data about the learner, other learners who have taken the course, as well as all data from other courses taken by those learners. As learners will vector through learning experiences at speeds related to their competences, they will save time, especially for the faster learners as well as reducing drop-out from courses, by learners who need more individualised support.”

The Future of Education and Training in an Automated Workplace (Reprise)  Stephen J Gill, The Performance Improvement Blog, 8 August 2018

“No doubt, the workplace now and over the next 10 years will require people to be continuous learners and to be more self-directed in what and how they learn. Methods of learning in schools, colleges, and in the workplace will continue to evolve and be more learner-centered. Proof of competency will become more important than evidence of educational completion. Companies will have to assume greater responsibility for employee learning in response to an ever-changing workplace. The danger is that people who can’t adapt readily to change, who are not independent learners, or who are not a good fit with the new workplace culture, will be left out in the cold.”

Most Managers Don’t Know How to Coach People. But They Can Learn.  Julia Milner and Trenton Milner, Harvarad Business Review, 14 August 2018

“Recently, my colleagues and I conducted a study that shows that most managers don’t understand what coaching really is — and that also sheds light on how to fix the problem. The good news is that managers can improve their coaching skills in a short amount of time (15 hours), but they do have to invest in learning how to coach in the first place. This research project is still in progress, but we wanted to offer a glimpse into our methodology and initial findings.”

If you have to force people to train, you’re doing it wrong  DisruptHR, 15 August 2018

“We’ve dehumanized learning,” Clint Clarkson declares. “We have taken one of the most natural and exciting human processes, second probably only to our senses, and we have ripped the life right out of it.”

L&D’s Last Mile Problem  Mark Britz, The Simple Shift, 16 August 2018

“Just like Amazon will wipe out convenience stores, technology like voice, chat, and enterprise social will continue to pressure the course factory model of L&D. Tech has a knack for cutting out the “middle man” and since L&D sits between expertise and novice or knowing and unknowing, the need now is to carve more channels not create more content. L&D must get involved or get out of the way.”

Navigating From the Industrial Age to the Contextual Age  John Hagel, Edge Perspectives, 15 August 2018

If we take context seriously, that can be a significant driver of learning. In a world that’s more rapidly changing, going exponential, as some might say, learning is an imperative.We expand our horizons and better understand the forces that are shaping the environments within which we operate. To be clear, this isn’t about learning in the form of sharing existing new knowledge; it’s about learning in the form of creating new knowledge.”

No one needs a Netflix for Learning  JD Dillon, LearnGeek, 17 August 2018

“Like so many other L&D topics, “Netflix for Learning” means something a little different to everyone. But the concept tends to focus on two practices: UI design and content recommendation. Every LMS seems to be launching a redesigned interface that looks like my Netflix feed … Rather than list online training content with links and icons, now they use clickable boxes with featured images. And, rather than relying on content to be searched or assigned, the LMS is now suggesting courses based on factors like role, department and past content consumption.

Do these practices create a better LMS experience than employees have typically had in the past? Yes. Do they create a better learning experience that results in improved business performance. No!”

Artificial Intelligence Across Industries: Where Does L&D Fit?  Jane Bozarth, ELearning Guild, 16 August 2018

“Odds are that you use artificial intelligence (AI) every day without realizing it. Google searches, Amazon recommendations, and Waze traffic information all depend on it … Conversations about emerging technologies so often turn into Star Wars-ian fantasies of robot-supported, world-changing, overnight disruptive change. Discussions about AI are no different, with the added threats about our robot overlords tending to our every need and whim—while taking all our jobs. This report takes a look at how different industries are using AI for real applications, now, and invites the reader to consider what is going on in their own industry and what may already be happening in other parts of their own organization.”

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