MWL Newsletter No 70

Here are posts, articles and news about Modern Workplace Learning (MWL) selected by Jane Hart for the week 17-23 June 2018

From around the Web

This is why new hires leave within the first 90 days  Fast Company, 19 June 2018

“If you’ve just hired 10 new employees, chances are that three of them will quit within the next 90 days, according to a new survey from Jobvite, who are recruiting software providers. Why so soon? Forty-three percent say their day-to-day role wasn’t what they expected, 34% report that an incident or bad experience drove them away, and 32% didn’t like the company culture.”

Blockchain – got married on it but fell out of love with it…  Donald Clark, 21 June 2018

“the main problem is that Blockchain in learning simply reinforces runaway credentialism … Blockchain is basically a transaction ledger and learning is not primarily about transactions.”

How to attract continuous learners and keep them engaged  Jesper Bendtsen, Globe and Mail, 21 June 2018

“Companies don’t always walk the talk on this one. On the one hand, they fill their ranks with continuous learners so that the fundamental pace of learning within the firm will be effortlessly fast. On the other hand, they don’t create workplaces that allow the organization to capture learning, share it and act upon it in a coordinated way.”

The magic number of people needed to create social change  Co-Design, 22 June 2018

“A new study published in Science has quantified the number of people who need to take a stand before they can affect societal change on important topics like sexual harassment and human rights. And that number? It’s a mere 25% of any group. Only 25% of people need to adopt a new social norm to create an inflection point where everyone in the group follows.”

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In the MWL Magazine

5 steps towards Modern Workplace Learning  Jane Hart, 18 June 2018

How do you begin to move forward, and implement a modern workplace learning approach? I believe this involves 5 key steps:

  1. See the change
  2. Be the change
  3. Show (the value of) the change
  4. Support the change
  5. Measure (the success of the) change

Next MWL Workshop

Performance Improvement Consulting

Workshop runs 16 July – 12 August 2018

Individuals and teams often face performance problems. Instead of reaching for a training solution, you need to (work with a manager to) carry out a Performance Analysis to diagnose the (actual) problem, identify the best solution(s) – which may or may not be training. You will  then need to help to implement the solution and measure the performance change (rather than any learning).

How to become a Modern Professional Learner

In the modern workplace there is no longer such a thing as a job for a life – only a life of jobs – so it’s up to everyone to continuously update their knowledge, skills and productivity and become an independent modern professional life-long learne

This newly updated resource now contains 60 Tasks to help you get the most out of your work life and take control of your career.

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