MWL Newsletter No 40

News and articles about Modern Workplace Learning (MWL) selected by Jane Hart for the week
12-18 November 2017.

From around the Web

Managers aren’t doing enough to train employees for the future  David W Ballard, Harvard Business Review, 14 November 2017
“Employees reported feeling more supported by their supervisor when they were provided with opportunities to develop the technical, management, and leadership skills they believe they will need in the future and when there was an explicit expectation that they participate in job-related skills training and career development activities.”

21st century talent spotting Harvard Business Review, 6 November 2017

Jobs are changing rapidly, and the question now is not whether people have the right skills; it’s whether they have the potential to learn new ones.”

Professional Learner’s Toolkit  Harold Jarche, 15  November 2017
“Jane Hart describes a Modern Professional Learner’s Toolkit as having several components: resources, networks, devices, etc. I have used Jane’s framework to look at my own practice.”

Cultivating the next generation of talent  Fast Company
“And while organizations can make training and other learning opportunities available, employees must focus on intangibles, too. “How can you be a continuous learner?” asks PwC’s Puthiyamadam. “Are you a true collaborator? Do you know how to use social capabilities to solve problems? If you don’t have that mindset, it doesn’t matter what training you take.”

It’s better to understand something than to know it  Ephrat Livni, Quartz, 14 November 2017
““Knowing” and “understanding” are related concepts, but they’re not the same. Each is a distinct mental state involving cognitive grasp: Knowing is static, referring to discrete facts, while understanding is active, describing the ability to analyze and place those facts in context to form a big picture.”

5 Myths about 70:20:10  Jos Arets, 702010 Institue,  13 November 2017
“For us, 70:20:10 is not the ideal label, but it is the logical basis for re-structuring L&D and aligning with the core business of organisations. The importance of this will only increase in the present knowledge economy, where knowledge is no longer limited to following formal training and e-learning. So let’s move forward together, instead of conducting insufficiently informed discussions about a label named 70:20:10. The underlying principles – the extension of services, the connection with the core business, and the improved business impact – are too important for our professions to leave ignore.”

From the MWL Magazine

Social Media as an “Other” in Social Learning  Maureen Gwam, 14 November 2017
“Encouraging the use of social media as a credible “other” encourages employees to see what they learn on social media as an acceptable part of their development journey. Things as simple as watching a YouTube video becomes an authenticated learning experience that will positively impact on the organisation’s learning culture.”

MWL Workshop

Supporting Continous Independent Learning in the Workplace

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In the modern workplace it is no longer enough for L&D to just organise and manage modern learning experiences, they also need to enable and support continuous independent learning. In this 7-week online workshop we look at how to help managers and individuals adopt a modern professional learning mindset as well as empower individuals to take responsibility for their own continuous self-improvement (in their existing job) and self-development (to prepare for the future).


How to become a Modern Professional Learner

In the modern workplace there is no longer such a thing as a job for a life – only a life of jobs – so it’s up to everyone to continuously update their knowledge, skills and productivity and become an independent modern professional learner. This e-book (by Jane Hart) contains 100 short Tasks (based around the 10 Principles of Modern Professional Learning) to help you get the most out of your work life and take control of your career (see Table of Contents below).

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