MWL Newsletter No 19

News and articles about Modern Workplace Learning (MWL) selected by Jane Hart for the week 18-24 June 2017

Article of the Week

Stop tracking employees and start inspiring them  Forbes, 20 June 2017

“For decades, under the theory of “you get more of what you measure”, quantifiable metrics have been employed to track how well an individual is achieving stated goals, which were generally tied to the organizational objectives. These historical systems, however, consume management and employee time, often without providing a commensurate payoff. In fact, they can undermine performance as people focus on their ratings, over personal growth and organizational mission.”

From around the Web

In the AI Age, “Being Smart” Will Mean Something Completely Different  Ed Hess, Harvard Business Review, 19 June 2017

“What is needed is a new definition of being smart, one that promotes higher levels of human thinking and emotional engagement. The new smart will be determined not by what or how you know but by the quality of your thinking, listening, relating, collaborating, and learning. Quantity is replaced by quality. And that shift will enable us to focus on the hard work of taking our cognitive and emotional skills to a much higher level.”

Future of Work: Four Shifts Leaders Must Focus on  Tanmay Vora, 20 June 2017

7 ways to create a coaching culture  Gregg Thompson, CLO Magazine, 20 June 2017

“The magic of a coaching culture is that it is infectious. Any time someone is well coached, they become more coach-like themselves. Employees at all levels begin to accept ownership and accountability for their work and relationships. They require less daily and direct supervision from managers as they develop their skills and strive to reach their full potential.”

MWL Summer Workshop

10 July – 18 August

Modernising Training

This 6-week online workshop will help you consider a number of ways to modernize classroom training and online learning in line with the ways people now learn on the Web.


  1. Modernizing the classroom experience
  2. Modernizing the online learning experience  (part 1 – content)
  3. Modernizing the online learning experience (part 2 – social)
  4. Modernizing assessment and learning management
  5. Modernizing learning support
  6. Offering a modern blended learning programme

Jane Hart
Director, Centre for Modern Workplace Learning

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