MWL Newsletter No 10

News and articles about Modern Workplace Learning (MWL) selected by – and with commentary from – Jane Hart for the week 16-22 April 2017

From around the Web

A number of peoples shared their Top 10 Tools for Learning this week:

JD Dillon  16 April 2017

Helen Blunden 19 April 2017

Clark Quinn 19 April 2017

Britt Watwood 19 April 2017

Mathias Vermeulen 21April 2017

From the MWL Magazine


In this article I take a look at how workplace learning has changed over the last 10+ years and its future direction.

Stage 5 therefore means a move from a focus on knowledge transfer to a focus on empowering, enabling and supporting modern professional learners in many new ways  – something which it seems is of interest to a growing number of people, if my recent straw poll is anything to go by.

Upcoming MWL Workshop


Next workshop runs 8 May – 2 June 2017

There will always be a need for organisational training, but this just needs to be more relevant and appealing for appealing for today’s workforce. This 4-week online workshop will help you to consider a number off ways to organise modern content and learning experiences – in line with the ways people now learn on the Web.

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Jane Hart
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