Modern Workplace Learning Magazine is a new online publication that focuses on helping L&D departments do things differently and do different things in order to provide an effective service for today’s workforce.  The articles will build a body of knowledge, experience and know-how for enabling and supporting learning in the modern workplace.

We invite workplace learning practitioners to contribute an article on how they are modernising their own approaches to workplace learning in their organisation.  This will normally need to be more than just digitising  traditional training approaches (through e-learning) but rather how they are pushing the game forward and supporting other approaches to learning at, for and through work, e.g. manager-led learning as well as empowering employee-led learning. Articles might also look at new L&D roles, new tools and systems, or building new organisational learning mindsets or other topics such at those shown in the Contents of Jane Hart’s book, Learning in the Modern Workplace 2017. Articles are likely to be between 500 and 1,500 words in length

If you would like to contribute an article, please email it to the Editor, Jane Hart, at Please note that contributions are only accepted at the discretion of the Editor,  so you may want to send a synopsis first to check that it is the type of article we are looking for.

No payment will be made for articles, and the author will retain full IP rights of their article.