The Learning Channel

learningchannelLAUNCHING SOON

Lots of communities and networks are cropping up all over the place in order to support networking between learning professionals, but The Learning Channel is different. It’s the place to have focused conversations around an ongoing series of activities about new approaches in workplace learning. We won’t therefore be concerning ourselves with how to create online courses – rather we’ll be be thinking about how we can modernise the workplace learning experience.

The Learning Channel will be hosted by Jane Hart and the schedule of activities will become available shortly, but will include a range of (mostly) asynchronous activities like

  • weekly themed discussions
  • learning challenges
  • techyTalk sessions – looking at new technology and tools
  • tasters for workshops running at this site
  • “hot seats” with experts in the field
  • guest facilitators on relevant hot topics
  • a bi-monthly book club

Membership will be open to practising workplace learning professionals all round the world, who will be encouraged to share their own ideas and experiences with others. There will be a membership fee to join The Learning Channel.

If you’d like to be the first to hear when it’s open for business, please email