The future L&D department

question-mark-1019820_640This page of resources looks at what are a new form of L&D department would look like

  • It’s happening Tom Spiglanin says the L&D department is already changing, influenced by the ease of creation of video (April 2016)
  • Five lessons for the future of L&D People Management spoke to leading L&D experts to find out which trends will help professionals make sense of the new ways we learn in 2016. (January 2016)
  • Why L&D needs to let go to move on Laura Overton says that if L&D are going to embrace the opportunities that lie ahead, we also need to let go of a few things that are keeping us trapped. (January 2016)
  • From dependence to independence: The changing role of Learning Consultants Taruna Goel says here goal as a learning consultant is to help learners move along their maturity continuum (August 2015)
  • L&D outside the box In an article for the January 2015 edition of Inside Learning Technologies magazine, Harold Jarche writes about how learning is the work, not just about training people (January 2015)