Modern Workplace Learning 2018

This book contains some (updated) content from Jane’s previous books as well as new material, and is available as a PDF. Please note it will be replaced by Continuous Improvement, Learning & Development in January 2019.

Colour. 170 pages. Size: US letter.
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Part 1: Introduction to Modern Workplace Learning in 2018 – Read Part 1 for free here
1.1: A short history of workplace learning
1.2: The emergence of Modern Professional Learners
1.3: An overview of Modern Workplace Learning

Part 2: Designing, Delivering, and Managing Modern Training for the Workplace
2.2:  Why we need to modernize training
2.3: A modern classroom experience
2.4: Designing modern content
2.5: Modern experiential learning
2.6: Modern social learning
2.7: Modern blended learning
2.8: Modern learning and performance design
2.9: Modern assessment and evaluation
2.10: Modern learning management
2.11: Modern learning support
Summary: 12 guiding principles for design and delivery of modern training.

Part 3: Supporting Continuous Independent Learning at Work
3.1: The role of the Modern Learning Advisor
3.2: Changing mindsets
3.3: Helping managers enable continuous independent learning
3.4: Help individuals learn from their daily work
3.5: Helping individuals learn outside the workplace
3.6: Helping individuals build a professional network
3.7: Helping individuals manage their professional self-development
3.8: Helping managers encourage sharing in teams
3.9: Promoting sharing across the organization
3.10: Setting up a Learning Concierge service