How much time do you spend self-learning?

Many people now recognise the need to take control of their career and spend time on their own self-development. Furthermore, organisations now recognise the need for this too. Randall Stephenson, the CEO of AT&T, for example has been reported as saying:

“There is a need to retool yourself, and you should not expect to stop … People who do not spend five to 10 hours a week in online learning … will obsolete themselves with the technology.”

So how much time do YOU spend on some planned (i.e. intentional) self-learning a week – not just formal learning (i.e. by taking online courses) but in informal ways like accessing online resources (videos, blogs, podcasts, web articles, etc). as well as interacting with the people in your professional network?

But how much (protected learning) time does your ORGANISATION actually provide for you to do this in a week?

Please take the short survey below and I’ll release the results shortly.


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Jane Hart

Jane Hart helps organisations and learning professionals modernise their approaches to workplace learning - through public workshops and bespoke consultancy. She is the Editor of the Modern Workplace Learning Magazine, and is the author of a number of books including Modern Workplace Learning 2018 as well as the resource for individuals A Professional's Guide to Modern Learning. Jane was the 2018 recipient of the ATD Distinguished Contribution to Talent Development award. You can contact Jane at