L&D Needs to Get In The Time Saving Business

Uber and Lyft aren’t popular because they are cheaper than a taxi or cleaner or even that they are better at getting around a city. They are successful because they save you time and make time saving more obvious. Click the app, pick a car, watch it get closer, get to your destination, get out. […]

I am Bailey. I am a Modern Professional Learner.

Meet Bailey, a Modern Professional Learner. This slideset looks at how she wants to learn at work. How can you support her in the modern workplace?You’ll find some suggestions in the slideset below. too. I am Bailey from Jane Hart

Building digital confidence at Cancer Research UK

(This article first appeared on the CR Digital Team blog) Back in wintry January we wrote about how we’re building the digital skills and knowledge of people at CRUK through our hub and spoke model. We’re doing this to become a more digital organisation and to keep moving towards 3 in 4 people surviving cancer by […]

When it’s just so obvious no training is needed, it hurts to watch.

Training is a certain and unquestioned component of every business strategy and plan, particularly when faced with the rollout of new systems and processes. Rolling out a new Finance or Business Suite, or a new CRM system?  Training is required, naturally. Have a new set of processes to implement across the organisation?  Of course, we […]

5 Stages of Workplace Learning (Revisited in 2017)

In this article I take a look at how workplace learning has changed over the last 10+ years and its future direction. In May 2010 I posted a diagram I had created that showed what I considered to be the 5 stages of Workplace Learning. My late Internet Time Alliance (ITA) colleague, Jay Cross, later re-worked it […]

How learning and development can aid high performance international teams

The disciplines of performance management and learning and development have been treated separately for too long. Sure, there are the latest and greatest solutions from interactive e-learning programs that can be accessed anywhere and anytime to bite-size content that can be consumed in spurts. Yet, there’s a challenge: Businesses don’t always see any measurable improvements. […]

Creating a Culture of Collaboration Through Effective Office Design

As the space in which most employees spend the majority of their week, the working environment is of unparalleled importance when it comes to maximising productivity and positivity. The relationship between workplace and worker can have a direct impact on the work they produce – so it pays to think about the design of your […]

How does the role of the L&D department need to change?

 [This article is adapted from two posts published on my own blog] A year ago I tweeted this question: What would happen if there were no Training/L&D department? Your thoughts for an article I am writing. Quotes will be cited. Thx — Jane Hart (@C4LPT) March 30, 2016 Here are some of the responses I […]

What does it mean to transform workplace learning?

When it comes to business transformation, a Harvard Business Review article, What do you really mean by business “transformation”? describes three different “categories of effort” as follows: OPERATIONAL – This is the use of new technologies to solve old problems. However, although operational change can drive business impact, it doesn’t bring about transformation. OPERATIONAL MODEL – This involves […]