Changing learning habits

learn-64058_640This page of resources looks at how learning is changing and how to help change organisational learning habits.

How learning is changing

  • The Towards Maturity Learning Landscape, The Towards Maturity Learning Landscape Audit (LLA) is a survey tool that helps businesses understand more comprehensively how their staff learn, both formally and informally, to inform the learning strategy.
  • Towards Maturity Learner Voice Part 1, looks at how 2,000 learners in the private sector are learning what they need to do their jobs! (April 2014)

Changing habits

  • Instead of trying to motivate your employees, help them learn how to change Research has shown consistently that one person cannot force another person to change. However, cultivating a thriving workplace culture will foster intrinsic motivation, support employee well being, help employees successfully adapt to change, and will also reveal the valuable connection between corporate culture and success. (September 2015)

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