Get ready for the Challenge

janehart4Welcome to the L&D Challenge. I’m Jane Hart and I’m your Guide through this Challenge.  Here is some information about getting ready for the Challenge.

(1) Your Profile
Please start by using the Edit Profile link on the right-hand side to update your profile and add an image if you can. This will help me find out more about you.

(2) About the Challenge
The Challenge consists of 12 activities (some of which comprise 1 or more tasks). Part A (activities 1-6) is designed for you to experience a range of different learning approaches, so that in Part B (activities 7-11) you can consider how to put them into practice in your own organisation. The activities in Part A are not just one-off tasks, however, they are intended to help you build a new way of learning for yourself for the future – so not just something to complete for the purposes of this Challenge!

(3) Download the PDF
Download the MWL Book as a PDF below. Note: you will need to re-enter your username and password to access these protected files:

(4) Learning Log
If you would like to receive a Challenge Completion certificate you will need to keep a Learning Log of your responses to the Activities.  You can do this in any way you like.

  • You might just want to use Word or Google Docs to record your responses OR
  • You might like to set up a blog (using WordPress or Blogger for example to do this) and use posts to record your activity. It’s up to you, whatever, you feel most comfortable with. If you choose to use a blog then you can password-protect the whole blog or individual posts to keep it private and secure.

Note you can read more about learnlogging and setting up a digital learning log on pages 149-150 of the MWL book.

(5) Support
If you want to ask any questions about the Challenge, then go to the Support Page (see link on the left), where you can have a live chat with me, Jane Hart. If I’m not available just leave a message for me.

You are now ready to start the Challenge.