Activity 9 Task 2 – Encouraging independent learning

slpp17In many of the activities in Part A of this Challenge you have been encouraged to take charge of, and responsibility for your own continuous professional development. It is now time to consider how we can help others in the organisation to do the same. There are lots of questions to consider here.

  1. How can we help individuals become independent learners? – See mini-chapter 35 – How easy will it be to move them being spoon-fed to autonomous learners?
  2. How can we help individuals with building their own learning plans – See mini-chapter 36 – Would the template you used for your own ILP work in your own organisation?
  3. How can we help individuals create Professional Learning Portfolios – See chapter 37 – How can we encourage them to see them as personal not organisational tools?
  4. How can we help individuals build their PLNs – See mini-chapter 38,  “learn the new” – see mini-chapter 39 , as well as discover new learning opportunities – see mini-chapter 40 – How might you help individuals build the new skills to learn for themselves in these new ways that might suit all your people? Would some of the modern learning experiences you described in the previous activity be of use here?
  5. How can we support daily learning workouts? See mini-chapter 41 – so that continuous personal learning becomes an integral part of everyday work?

Write up your thoughts in a new entry in your Learning Log.