Activity 9 Task 1 – Extracting the learning from the work

hatena-1184896_640L&D can’t provide everything everyone needs in their organisation, so we need to help individuals to take responsibility for their personal learning in two ways :

  1. by extracting the learning from the work and
  2. becoming an independent learner

So how can we help individuals do this?  These two tasks in Activity 9 are about promoting personal learning.

First of all, let’s think about how we might encourage individuals to extract the learning from the work.

In mini-chapter 34 of the MWL I talk about working with managers to encourage them to ask the question “what did you learn today”. There is a lot of value in asking that simple question, as Jane Bozarth points out in her blog post, What did you learn today?

And one way to keep individuals focused on thinking about what they are learning FROM their work, is to ask them to keep a Work Journal to reflect on their work experiences.

In Activity 2 your task was to start a Work Journal too, so what have you learned from that experience to share with others.

  • How might you and your L&D team encourage and support individuals to use work journalling across the organisation?
  • What needs to happen for work journalling to be seen as an important part of workplace learning?
  • What advice would you offer employees how to set up a work journal and maintain it?

Please write up your thoughts in an entry in your Learning Log.