Activity 8 – Organising modern learning experiences

There will of course be times when we need to provide some more structured help and support – instruction even.

However, not what it is generally being recognised that traditional broadcast classroom training and “click-next” e-learning courses are not the best way to do this  how can we modernise instruction and create more appealing learning experiences?

In the MWL book I consider a number of different ways, e.g.

  • Facilitating collaborative classrooms: This involves the use of the flipped classroom model, so that the content is provided in advance, and the classroom becomes an interactive, participative and collaborative, performance-focused, technology-supported session based around real-world activities – see mini-chapters 23 and 25
  • Guiding social learning experiences These might be in the form of social workshops or learning flows, etc – see mini-chapters 24 and 26
  • Running learning challenges and campaigns:  These are a package of (personal and/or group) activities, resources and events usually released over a period of time. For instance this is a package of personal challenges – in this case available on demand, but also available as a social challenge to work on over 12 week period.

What types of modern learning experiences might you offer in your organisation? What are the implications for design, development and delivery? What are the implications for your L&D team? Post your thoughts in an entry in your Learning Log.