Activity 7 Task 2 – Encouraging social content

abstract-1231870_640During the course of this Challenge, you have encountered a number of artefacts (photos, videos, documents, etc) that have been freely and willingly shared by others. This is essentially social content (aka user-generated content)

How could you support and encourage people in your organisation to do the same – not just as part of a training programme, but in their everyday working lives?

  • Where would you suggest they do this?
    • Do you have a ESN like Yammer or another type of social intranet or hosting platform? [Mini-chapter 20 talks more about this].
    • What are the pros and cons of using such a platform?
  • Are there any obstacles you need to get over in your organisation (e.g. the value of social (or employee-generated content) not being recognised?
  • How could support you individuals to (co-)create and share their content?
    • How does your role change in this respect – supporting rather creating content?

Please write up your thoughts in an entry in your Learning Log.