Activity 6 – Addressing performance problems

support-487508_640For this week’s activity, start by thinking about about how you solved a recent performance problem at work. Where do you go for help? Who did you ask for help?

  • If you found any content, where was it? How quickly did you find it? How did you use that content? Why was that content useful – what were the features of that content that meant it was useful for you? How important was it for you to verify the accuracy or validity of that content?
  • If you asked someone for help? How did you find that person? How useful was their advice? How do you know their advice was the right or best advice?

 Now in a new entry in your Learning Log:

  • Explain the problem problem you encountered and how you solved it.
  • Summarise what your own experience tells you about how L&D might support performance problems (of this kind) in your own organisation.