Activity 4 Task 1 – Keep up to date by using Google Alerts

googlealertsThe world is changing very fast, so it will take more than an annual visit to a conference or reading a few industry magazines to keep you up to date with what’s happening in your industry or profession!  It requires a continuous approach to learning – not just from your connections in your PLN but through a continuous flow of content.

There are a variety of ways of getting a dripfeed of new information and ideas. Here are just 3: Using Google Alerts; Subscribing to blogs; Using content curation tools

Task 1 

Probably the simplest way to keep up to date with new stuff is to use Google Alerts.

Google tracks new content on the web, so when you set up a Google Alert, Google will monitor any new content and send you an email with details of any new resources it has found that meet your criteria.

Google lets you set up an alert with the search terms you are looking for, and provides quite a bit of control over the results it finds, i.e.

  • how often you want it to alert you with new stuff
  • the sources you want it to scan
  • in the language you want
  • from the region of the world you want
  • and how many results it should deliver

If you have a Google account, you can also sign in to manage your alerts – i.e. amend or delete existing ones and/or add new ones.

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Now set up an alert for a topic of personal or professional interest. After a couple of days review the value of the links you are receiving, and amend the search criteria as required.

In a new entry in your Learning Log, write about your experiences of using Google Alerts.