Activity 3 Task 5 – Manage your pln

dialog-148815_640What have you learned already from your days of networking? Once you’ve got started, you may find these tips useful for managing your time and approach on social networks.

  1. Don’t try and be everywhere (always-on). Spend the time where it brings you most value. Here’s an infographic that shows you how to spend just 30 minutes a day on social sites. Although it is aimed at marketers; it is usefully for anyone to focus their professional networking time.
  2. Ask yourself, if you are getting value from those you follow/connect with? After all, your professional network is for YOU. If not, it’s probably time to unfollow people. Rethink your follow strategy.
  3. Think carefully before you follow someone new. Use this test before connecting with someone on LinkedIn.
  4. Make sure you have notifications ON for the stuff you want to see and the people you really want to hear from.
  5. Don’t try and read everything immediately, save things to read later using a tool like Pocket.
  6. Are you drowning in tweets? Try using these Twitter apps. (Note, these ones are for Android devices, but many of them are also available for iOS.)
  7. Are you finding it difficult to manage all your networks, i.e. read, organise and schedule posts? If so, then try a social media dashboard like Tweetdeck (that lets you manage different Twitter accounts)
  8. Is social media giving you more work? For instance, are you trying to share stuff you find in one network with another? If so, then try IFTTT (If This Then That) which lets you set up “recipes” of what to do when a trigger happens, e.g. “If I send out a tweet, THEN also send it to LinkedIn”.
  9.  Can’t keep up with everything that’s being shared on your networks? If so, then use a content curation tool to gather some of the key stuff for you (Note: this will be Task 3 in Activity 4)
  10.  Finally, if you don’t want to be distracted by social networks, then you can use FocalFilter to block distracting sites. But this is how to really block time-wasting websites.


In an entry in your Learning Log explain which of these tips you have found useful. Do you have any tips of your own to share?