Activity 3 Task 1 – Analyse your PLN

We don’t just learn from content, we learn from people – our colleagues and other people in our wider external networks. The network that we build around ourselves is often referred to as our Personal or Professional Learning Network (PLN). Every individual’s PLN is likely to be very different.

If the concept of a PLN is new to you, take a look at this animation, Personal Learning Networks, produced by IRISS which looks at the importance and value of a PLN. Although it is targeted at mental health practitioners, it is relevant for all.

In this activity there are a number of tasks, the ones you work on will depend upon your experience of building a PLN. But it will be useful to start with Task 1 here, and then see where that takes you.

REMEMBER too that building your PLN is an ongoing activity – once again not something that you will be doing just this week!


Consider the make-up of your existing Professional Learning Network – that is those people you currently connect with.

Take a look at this article, Ask these questions about your professional network before it’s too late, by Marc McNeily in Fast Company, and ask yourself the questions about your own network mentioned in the article.

Now in your Learning Log, write an entry in which you consider

    • What your analysis shows you about your existing professional network
    • What 3-4 specific actions you could take to improve the quality, nature and composition of your professional network?
    • How you will  do this – e.g. join a new network or improve your connections in your existing one?