Activity 12 – Review the Challenge

gears-818461_640And so we come to the end of this Challenge and the final activity.  There are two main questions to consider.

  1. How has this Challenge changed (or reinforced) your own personal perception of learning at work?
    • What has struck you most about modern workplace learning?
    • What have you been able to do now that you couldn’t do before?
  2. What is your vision for workplace learning L&D in your own organisation?
    • How could you start to implement this vision in your organisation?
    • Where would you start? [The Chapter in part A of the MWL might be useful for this as too the following additional resources)
    • What need to be your next steps?

Write up your review in your Learning Log and then EITHER send the link to your online Learning Log or the whole document (and any attachments) to Jane Hart at