Activity 11 – Working with managers

manager-454866_640Many of the issue and challenges to introduce new learning practices come from holding very traditional mindsets about how learning happens in the organisation and what it looks like (see mini-chapter 15).

A major role of supporting modern workplace learning is therefore about adopting this new learning mindset as well as addressing the nitty gritty of how to put it into practice

Managers therefore hold the key to the future of workplace learning, as they will need to understand …

  • that learning at work is more than just training and happens everyday – see mini-chapter 31
  • that they have much more of a responsibility to develop individual potential and talent themselves – it is not something they just pass off to L&D – mini-chapter 32
  • that they need to engender a “learning worker” mindset in their people by leading the way – see mini-chapter 33
  • that they need to provide time and space for learning and reflection – see mini-chapter 34
  • that social collaboration is important for real social learning to take place – see mini-chapter 44
  • that you can help them to build a social team – see mini-chapter 45
  • that social engagement is not about forcing people to be social – see mini-chapter 48

How will you work with managers to change the organisational learning mindset? Write up your thoughts in a new Learning Log entry.