Activity 10 Task 2 – Organising other learning and networking events

There may also be opportunities for L&D to help teams and groups in other ways, e.g.

  • Facilitating discussions: This might involve providing opportunities for teams and groups to have open conversations on topics of interest to create a collective understanding, as well as to share ideas and insights and discuss the issues involved. These discussion make use of more modern formats like roundtables, fishbowls, world cafes or knowledge cafes.
  • Facilitating innovation workshops and hackerthons: These provide opportunities for groups to brainstorm and prioritise ideas to innovate around business, process or technology issues, or even to build new products or other artefacts.

And there may also be opportunities to offer cross-organisational events to foster learning and networking, e.g.

  • Coordinating informal (learning) events: This involves bringing people together to share their projects and passions with others in a casual, relaxed environment, like a learning lounge – see mini-chapter 27
  • Organising company networking events: This involves running events to foster new connections between employees. These networking events might take on different formats, e.g. include activities like lightning talks, speed geeking or speed networking.

Do you think you and your L&D team should get involved with any of these types of activity? Write up your thoughts in a Learning Log entry