Learning in the Modern Workplace 2017

Please note: Modern Workplace Learning 2018 provides updated content for this book.

litw2017-coverTraditionally, the primary focus of a Learning & Development (L&D) Department has been on training people to do their jobs – either in the classroom or online – and making sure they do it. In other words, it’s been all about organising and managing learning for people. But as the world of work is evolving and individuals’ learning habits are changing, it now requires new workplace learning approaches to underpin all the ways people learn in the modern workplace. This doesn’t just mean updating traditional training practices but adopting new ways to enable and support both manager-led and employee-led learning. For L&D Departments it means doing things differently and doing different things.

In the 15 months since I released my previous book, Modern Workplace Learning: A Resource Book for L&D, I have been working with L&D professionals all around the world helping them modernise their workplace learning practices, so this new book – presented in the form of a number of short, succinct sections – builds on the material in that book to provide new models, frameworks, guidance and examples as well as links to 140 new resources for you to delve deeper into how to support learning in the modern workplace. It also contains a 30-page Appendix containing the Top Tools for Learning 2016 lists to provide a complete set of resources.

The book is a available as a Paperback or PDF.  There is also an online resource that contains all the colour images used in the book as well as clickable link lists. The Table of Contents appears below.

Here is some feedback.

“This book is easy to read, easy to make sense of – and to my mind, makes absolute sense. You’ve included lots of really good tools and techniques for people to try, and have made them very accessible. All good, I like it” Shane Sutherland, CEO, PebblePad

“L&D professional? Buy this book. Seriously.” Donald Taylor, Chairs LPI, LSG and Learning Technologies

“Finished this morning. Another great, practical book on #MWL” Dan Hewitt, L&D Specialist


Paperback (with black and white images). This will be printed on demand and shipped to your address

PDF (with colour images and clickable links).  Available for immediate download


Part A: Understanding the need for change (pp 11-26)

  • The changing world of work
  • Changing learning habits
  • Modern Professional Learning
  • The calls for change
  • What does it mean to transform workplace learning?

Part B: Implementing Modern Workplace Learning (pp 27-50)

  • Doing things differently and doing different things
  • New Organisational Learning Mindset
  • New Technology for Organisational Learning
  • New L&D roles
  • Are you ready to be a MWL intrapreneur?
  • Getting started with MWL

Part C: Modernising L&D-led learning (pp 51-76)

  1. Curate content and learning opportunities
  2. Create flexible on demand resources
  3. Flip the classroom
  4. Facilitate social online learning experiences
  5. Run learning campaigns

Part D: Supporting manager-led learning (pp 77-100)

  1. Help managers build a continuous learning mindset
  2. Help managers develop their own people
  3. Encourage daily reflection
  4. Support knowledge sharing and social learning
  5. Facilitate problem solving and innovation workshops

Part E: Empowering employee-led learning (pp 101-124)

  1. Develop modern professional learning skills
  2. Support self-organised and self-managed learning
  3. Support informal mentoring
  4. Coordinate corporate networking events
  5. Provide a learning help desk

Appendices  (pp 125-156)

  • A: Top 200 Tools for Learning 2016
  • B: Top 200 Tools for Learning (Best of Breed )2016
  • C: Top 100 Tools for Personal & Professional Learning 2016
  • D: Top 100 Tools for Workplace Learning 2016
  • E: A-Z of Tools in the book