Learning in the Modern Workplace [Private Workshop]

social-media-581783_640Workplace learning is changing! The role of the modern day L&D department involves both providing more appropriate approaches to training for today’s workforce as well as enabling and supporting continuous learning across the organisation.

The MWL Workshop consists of a a 1/2 day session followed by optional online workshops or onside sessions

THE BIG PICTURE (1/2 day onsite session)
In this interactive workshop we will consider the following aspects:

  • the rationale for change
  • the Modern Workplace Learning (MWL) framework
  • what is involved in adopting MWL in your organisation

The cost of the onsite workshop depends on number of participants, plus travel costs.

A series of optional online workshops or onsite sessions can consider in more detail the new activities involved particularly

  • providing modern training
  • promoting continuous learning

The cost of the optional workshops or sessions depends on what is required as well as the number of participants and any travel costs.

All participants will receive a copy of the PDF version of the Modern Workplace Learning book

If you would like to discuss how I can run this workshop for your organisation, please email Jane Hart at jane.hart@c4lpt.co.uk