MWL Workshops

Here is the schedule of upcoming public online Workshops facilitated by Jane Hart,
Note, all of these workshops can be run on a private basis for teams at a time of your choosing, contact Jane Hart for more information.

2018 TITLE
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14 January –
23 February 2019
Promoting continuous learning in the workplace This 6-week online workshop will look at how to help individuals become independent continuous learners and provide continuous learning opportunities.

  • Weeks 1 & 2: Help individuals organise and manage their own daily learning
  • Week 3: Create and curate a flow of daily micro-content
  • Week 4: Help individuals learn periodically for themselves
  • Week 5: Create and curate a schedule of events and activities
  • Week 6: Implement a formal process of self-development
 4 March -12 April  2019 Creating modern training content, events and experiences This 6-week online workshop will look at how to design content, events and experiences for the modern workplace

  • Week 1: Provide a performance improvement consulting service
  • Week 2: Create modern resources
  • Week 3: Offer new approaches to classroom training
  • Week 4: Support experiential learning
  • Week 5: Facilitate modern social learning
  • Week 6: Run modern learning campaigns
29 April – 7 June 2019 Supporting learning from the daily work This 6-week online workshop will look at how to work with managers and individuals to get the most out of, as well as learn from daily work experiences.

  • Week 1: Help managers enable learning as part of daily work
  • Week 2: Help individuals learn from their daily work
  • Week 3: Help managers support reflective practices at work
  • Week 4: Help managers enable developmental practices at work
  • Week 5: Help managers enable a knowledge sharing culture at work
  • Week 6: Help teams and groups make good use of a collaboration platform