MWL Professional (Public) Programme

[For information about the private MWL Professional Programme for organisational teams and groups, click here.]

Modern Workplace Learning (MWL) is a new approach for L&D departments to enable and support learning in today’s workplace. It doesn’t just mean providing modern training, but also involves supporting manager-led learning (where individuals and teams learn from their daily work) as well as empowering employee-led learning (i.e. enabling individuals to take on more responsibility for their own continuous self-development).

MWL means doing things differently and doing different things, so whereas part of the Prrogramme will consider how to design modern content and learning experiences it also focuses on moving away from the traditional mindset that all learning has to be designed by L&D for employees, by exposing Programme participants to a range of new approaches to workplace learning. The Programme is therefore suitable for both learning leaders as well as practitioners, designers, developers, trainers and facilitators as well as others who would like to enable and support learning at and for work in new ways.

The Programme involves participation in 4 main public workshops. These workshops  can be taken in any order – so this means you can sign up to the Programme at any time and you will join the next running workshop.

  1. Introduction to MWL
  2. Modernising training
  3. Supporting manager-led learning
  4. Empowering employee-led learning

The Programme is not a traditional training course; it models a more flexible approach that Modern Workplace Learning espouses.  Each week I release a series of activities and practical tasks that you can work on in your own time during the week. This means that you can fit the Programme into your working life rather than the other way round.

The activities are based around readings from my book, Learning in the Modern Workplace 2017 – and you will receive a PDF copy. These activities should take around 2-3 hours to work through. However, you can, of course, spend more time on them if you wish to read around the topic.

The Programme is primarily a social learning experience (hosted on my Yammer platform) so you are encouraged to share their thinking and work with the rest of the group. A key part of the MWL ethos is that it is important not to equate (social) activity with learning, so your only requirement be to complete a final activity. This will take the form of a Review of what the Programme means for you and your job, and how you will  start to put MWL approaches into practice straight away, and what they would like to do differently.  If you complete the Review you will receive a Certificate of Completion.


MWL Professional Programme fee is £199

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