MWL Professional Programme

The information on this page is for organisational teams. Individuals interested in taking the Programme can find out more here.

Modern Workplace Learning (MWL) is a new approach for L&D departments to enable and support learning in today’s workplace. It doesn’t just mean providing modern training, but also involves supporting manager-led learning (where individuals and teams learn from their daily work) as well as empowering employee-led learning (i.e. enabling individuals to take on more responsibility for their continuous self-development).

MWL means doing things differently and doing different things, so whereas part of the Prrogramme will consider how to design modern content and learning experiences it also focuses on moving away from the traditional mindset that all learning has to be designed by L&D for employees, by exposing Programme participants to a range of new approaches to workplace learning. The Programme is therefore suitable for both learning leaders as well as practitioners, designers, developers, trainers and facilitators as well as others who would like to enable and support learning at and for work in new ways.


The Programme will take place over 12 weeks structured into 5 main parts as follows:

Part 1: Getting started

  1. Introduction to the Programme and Introduction to Modern Workplace Learning  (MWL)

Part 2: Designing modern learning experiences

  1. Curating or creating content
  2. Facilitating social and collaborative learning
  3. Running learning campaigns

Part 3: Supporting manager-led learning

  1. Working with managers to build the new mindset
  2. Helping individuals learn from work
  3. Supporting social teams and communities
  4. Facilitating collaborative problem-solving workshops

Part 4: Empowering employees

  1. Nurturing learnability and developing modern professional learning skills
  2. Supporting self-organised professional development
  3. Coordinating networking events

Part 5: Implementing Modern Workplace Learning

  1. Implications of MWL approaches and Review of the Challenge.


The Programme is not a traditional training course; it models a more flexible approach that Modern Workplace Learning espouses.  Each week I release a series of activities and practical tasks that an individual can work on in their own time during the week. This means that participants can fit the Programme into their working lives rather than the other way round.

The activities are based around readings from my book,  Learning in the Modern Workplace 2017 – and every participant will receive a PDF copy – and these should take around 2-3 hours to work through. However, participants can, of course, spend more time on them if they wish to read around the topic.

The Programme is primarily a social learning experience so participants are encouraged to share their thinking and work with the rest of the group. However, they will not be forced to contribute every week, since this only leads to the group becoming overwhelmed with posts from people who are simply posting stuff because they have to!  A key part of the MWL ethos is that it is important not to equate (social) activity with learning, so the only requirement of a participant will be to complete a final activity that shows what they have learned from the Programme.  This will take the form of a Review of what the Programme means for them and their job, what opportunities they would like to follow up on, how they can can start to put MWL approaches into practice straight away, and what they would like to do differently. This Review will provide your organisation with a lot of useful information to guide your strategic thinking for the future. Participants who complete the Review will receive a Certificate of Completion.

The Programme will be hosted in a social platform. I can either set up a private group space in my Yammer platform – or I can work in a private group space on your own Yammer (or other ESN) platform.  Once again, the rationale for this is to show that formally-organised programmes are ideally hosted (and integrated within) a work-based platform rather than on a separate learning platform.

The Programme includes an optional kick-off webinar to help the participants understand how it will work and what is expected of them.

Email to organise a Programme for your team.


Participants on previous public programmes (formerly known as Challenges) have come from all over the world and from all types of organisations where they work as L&D specialists as well as consultants. They therefore offer a wide mix of perspectives and ideas.  Here is some feedback from the Challenges that ran in 2016.

“Jane Hart’s L&D challenge takes you through all of the steps for implementing a shift in the role of L&D towards facilitating social and everyday learning, both at personal and organizational levels. I took part in most of the activities, which are relevant and interesting (and fun!) but there is no obligation to participate if something isn’t relevant to your organization or if you don’t have time that week. This takes away the guilt I often feel when I participate late or not at all during a course and so I never lost the motivation to continue working through it. I highly recommend it to everyone – beginners and experts alike.”  Carolyn Gregoire

“If you’re in Learning & Development, you know that you need to change. Traditional Training won’t cut it any more. You need to shape and support modern workplace learning – informal, social, beyond the course and LMS. Jane’s Challenge takes this from an abstract, scary task and makes it possible. The interactions with other professionals are invaluable – you realise you’re not alone and everyone’s willing to help each other out with ideas and practical tips. You’ll come through the challenge with a fresh set of insights for reinvigorating your approach to supporting your business. Highly Recommended.” Stephen Walsh

“The Challenge is a unique learning experience. I would recommend it to anyone in L&D who would like to understand not only where the role of the L&D Practitioner is heading but who also wants to be involved in shaping the role too.

I enjoyed experiencing first-hand one of Jane Hart’s modern approaches to learning – the Guided Social Learning Experience – which is the way in which The Challenge is structured. I think it is both an effective (and enjoyable) structure and I learned a huge amount by completing the weekly Challenge activities and by learning with others on Yammer.

I found Jane’s MWL book (provided as a resource in the program) to be thought-provoking and an excellent read and one that I have continuously referred to. I also found the links to the articles, blog posts, tools etc. written and/or provided by Jane for the activities to be both current and of the best quality.

I will definitely miss receiving the weekly Challenge activity. They not only made me think but they also gave me the proverbial ‘kick’ to try out new activities and tools, and to develop new personal and organisational learning skills and habits.” Justine Jardine