Public Online Workshops

Here is a list of scheduled public workshops and on demand tutorials offered by Jane Hart. (Jane also offers private onsite (and online) workshops.

(suitable for those who want to have a guided social learning experience)

2 March – 3 April MODERN WORKPLACE LEARNING: MOVING BEYOND E-LEARNING 5-week workshop that considers the role of L&D in the modern workplace. £99
2 March – 3 April GUIDED SOCIAL LEARNING 5-week workshop that looks at how to scaffold social learning experiences £99
6 April – 12 June SOCIAL LEARNING PRACTITIONER PROGRAMME: WALK THE SOCIAL TALK 10-week workshop to help you develop your own personal social learning skills as well as work (and learn) collaboratively with your team. £149

(suitable for those who want to have a personal guided learning experience)

Title Description Cost
HOW TO SET UP AND RUN AN ONLINE COMMUNITY How to prepare for, launch, maintain and measure the health and success of a community, as well as take on the role of Community Manager £99
USING YOUR ESN FOR SOCIAL WORKPLACE LEARNING Unleash the power and the potential of your ESN for social workplace learning £99
MODERN DIGITAL SKILLS FOR THE NETWORKED AGE How to network, discover, manage, connect the dots and share £129
INTEGRATING THE USE OF MOBILE DEVICES INTO CLASSROOM TRAINING How to make use of smartphones and tablets in the training room £99