Here is a list of upcoming public online workshops, (e-)books and other materials and activities.

Public Online Workshops
Date Title Description Cost
Join at any time SOCIAL LEARNING PRACTITIONER PROGRAMME: WALK THE SOCIAL TALK Self-paced programme consisting of 25 activities for you and your team £99
4 August – 12 September 2014 MODERN LEARNING STRATEGIES The new skills and tools for learning in the networked age £99
18 August – 12 September 2014 GUIDED SOCIAL LEARNING EXPERIENCE DESIGN A new learning design approach for the networked age £79
1 September – 3 October 2014  HOW TO SET UP AND RUN AN ONLINE COMMUNITY Planning, launching and maintaining a community of practice or learning community £99
15 September -  10 October 2014 INTEGRATING THE USE OF MOBILE DEVICES IN CLASSROOM TRAINING Give your face-to-face training a 21st century technology makeover £79
29 September – 31 October USING YOUR ENTERPRISE SOCIAL NETWORK FOR SOCIAL WORKPLACE LEARNING Unleash the power and the potential of your ESN for social workplace learning £99
Join at any time 20 WAYS TO MODERNIZE WORKPLACE LEARNING A series of short guides that offer 20 ideas for modernizing workplace learning. £20
Private Onsite Workshops
½  day onsite SOCIAL LEARNING IN THE MODERN WORKPLACE An introduction to what social workplace learning means for the organisation – and for L&D teams
1 day onsite GIVE YOUR FACE-TO-FACE TRAINING A TECHNOLOGY MAKE-OVER - ideas for trainers and others on ways to integrate the use of mobile devices into training events
SOCIAL LEARNING HANDBOOK 2014  This book by Jane Hart (with a chapter by Harold Jarche) is available to purchase either as a paperback or a PDF to download  £15
QUICK GUIDES TO THE TOP 100 TOOLS FOR LEARNING 2013 How to use each of the tools on the Top 100 Tools for education, training and personal learning  £15
Contact Jane Hart - - to discuss how she can run a private workshop for you.