Workshops & Programmes

Here is a list of scheduled public online workshops and self-paced, on demand, self-paced programmes. Info about Private Workshops is here

suitable for those who want to have a social experience

Date Title Description Cost
12 January – 13 March SOCIAL LEARNING PRACTITIONER PROGRAMME: WALK THE SOCIAL TALK A 10-week programme to help you develop your own personal social learning skills as well as work (and learn) collaboratively with your team. £149
23 February – 27 March MOVING BEYOND E-LEARNING Looks at the role of L&D in the modern workplace. £99

Suitable for those who want to work on their own

Title Description Cost
HOW TO SET UP AND RUN AN ONLINE COMMUNITY How to prepare for, launch, maintain and measure the health and success of a community, as well as take on the role of Community Manager £49
USING YOUR ENTERPRISE SOCIAL NETWORK FOR SOCIAL WORKPLACE LEARNING Unleash the power and the potential of your ESN for social workplace learning £49
MODERN DIGITAL SKILLS FOR THE NETWORKED AGE How to network, discover, manage, connect the dots and share £69
INTEGRATING THE USE OF MOBILE DEVICES INTO CLASSROOM TRAINING How to make use of smartphones and tablets in the training room £49