jigsaw-305576_640 (1)Workplace learning is evolving – and L&D practices with it. Up to now the focus has been on designing classroom or online training (aka e-learning), but it is increasingly clear that much of this is ineffective or unappealing. As a consequence individuals and teams are turning to the Web to solve their own learning and performance problems, which they can achieve more quickly and more easily, and in ways that best suit them.

Becoming a modern day L&D department involves 5 things:

  1. Recognising that learning in the modern workplace is more than training and e-learning; and that
  2. It’s not just about designing and managing content, but about enabling and supporting learning in the flow of work; and that
  3. This means new job roles, skills and technologies.
  4. It also requires a new inclusive approach to solving business problem, and
  5. Ultimately, it means building a new relationship with the business – becoming trusted advisors who provide guidance and support for both ad hoc and continuous performance improvement

Read more about what Learning in the Modern Workplace means here.

At the Centre for Modern Workplace Learning, we offer a range of public and private online and onsite workshops opportunities to help workplace learning professionals begin the process of modernisation in their own organisations.

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