Modern Workplace Learning (MWL) is a new approach for L&D departments in today’s workplace – it doesn’t just mean providing modern training, but supporting individuals and teams to learn from their daily work as well as empowring individuals to take on (more) responsibility for their continuous self-development in the workplace.

The Centre for Modern Workplace Learning provides information, services and support for organisations (and learning professionals) who want to modernise their approach to workplace learning.  Here you will find

  • the BOOKS written by Jane Hart, Director of the Centre, including her latest, Learning in the Modern Workplace 2017
  • the schedule of PUBLIC WORKSHOPS that will help you understand and implement MWL practices
  • the CORPORATE SESSIONS where you can put together a private programme of activities for your organisaton or else organise a MWL CHALLENGE.
  • the MWL MAGAZINE and we invite contributions from practitioners and others to share how they are modernising learning in their workplaces


Modern Workplace Learning is a service of the Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies